October 26th w/Federico Casagrande @ Froff Wien, Austria

October 25th w/Federico Casagrande @ Tube's Graz, Austria

June 15th ALBUM RELEASE SHOW w/ Federico Casagrande @ Prachtwerk Berlin, Berlin

May 12th w/ Filipe Duarte and Gregor Fticar @ Liebig 12, Berlin

April 13th 2018 w/Filipe Duarte @ Liebig 12, Berlin

August 5th 2017 w/ Federico Casagrande @ apartement #4, Paris

December 3rd 2016 w/ Federico Casagrande @ apartement #4, Paris

December 2nd 2016 w/Federico Casagrande @ Theatre de Bonheur, Paris

October 28th 2016 live in Berlin w/ Federico Casagrande

October 27th 2016 video shoot w/ Federico Casagrande

October 26th 2016 recording EP w/ Federico Casagrande

June 29 2015 w/ Federico Casagrande. Untertitel Neukölln, Berlin

November 30 2014 w/ Korhan Erel Miss Hecker, Berlin Wedding

April 11 2014 w/ Korhan Erel, Mikes Werkstatt, Wien, AT. 20:00

February 07 2014 Dedicated to Connie Converse, Café Hubert, Berlin

February 16 2014 Dedicated to Connie Converse, Mendy and Edeltraut, Berlin

February 12 2013 w/Wabi-Sabi Choir, Berlin, Germany
March 29 2013 Mike's Werkstatt, Vienna, Austria

April 1 2013 Maria Christina CD RELEASE PARTY Porgy&Bess, Vienna, Austria

April 3 2013 Maria Christina CD RELEASE PARTY Schlot, Berlin, Germany

April 5 2013 CD OUT NOW and AVAILABLE here, on iTunes, Amazon and www.crackshop.at

June 12th 2012 Cornelia Street Cafe, 8:30pm. NYC

April 3-5 2012 record my first album!

November 11th 2011, Duo with Jarrett Cherner, 5C Cultur Cafe, 7-9pm. NYC

November 7th 2011, The Shrine, 10-11pm. NYC

October 21, 2011; Orwell Cafe, 9:30-11:30pm. NYC

Sept 21st 2011; The Well-Tempered Exposition by Pablo Helguera
May 11th 2011, Master recital, Manhattan School of Music

May 5th 2010, Miles Café, 7:00-8:30. NYC

March 15th 2010, Manhattan School of Music, 7:30pm. NYC

March 9th 2010, Miles Café, 7:30 - 9:30pm. NYC

April 4th 2010, Manhattan School of Music, 7:30pm. NYC

Nov 20th 2010 5-8pm /w Jarrett Cherner Duo, Holland Gallery Tunnel. 

Nov 27th 2010 Tutuma Social Club. NYC

Nov 30th 2010, MSM, Meyer's Studio. NYC

Dec 8th 2010 w/ MSM Jazz Choir, MSM, Meyer's Studio. NYC

Dec 8th 2010, MSM, Meyer's Studio. NYC